Missing teeth affect a person’s appearance, the ability to speak and chew and general dental health. It is usually recommended that a missing tooth, or teeth, be replaced. Many options exist for the replacement of lost teeth, one that has gained considerable acceptance is the dental implant.

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A dental implant is essentially a replacement for a natural tooth root. Dental implants are most commonly titanium screws, which are placed into the jawbone. Then there is an internal screw thread which allows the attachment of components to support either a single tooth crown, a bridge or even support a denture. So, if you wear a full denture, the placement of 2-4 dental implants can be used to stabilise the denture. This is called an overdenture.

If you are missing a single tooth, one dental implant would be needed. If you are missing more teeth, it may not be necessary to place one implant per missing tooth because implants can be placed and joined together as a bridge to replace several teeth or even a full set of teeth.

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    Until recently, partial dentures and bridges were the only options for replacing missing teeth. Some people cannot comfortably wear dentures, and sometimes bridges are inappropriate. Bridges have the disadvantage of requiring crowns on the supporting teeth, meaning that these teeth need to be suitable for that.

    Over the last 30 years, dental implants have revolutionised dentistry. Improved techniques and advances in the materials used for implants have made the definitive dental implant a reliable solution for many people. The implant placement is performed under a local anaesthetic and is found to be no more uncomfortable than having a tooth removed. Following surgery, there can be some post-operative pain which is usually manageable with routine painkillers.

    Chertsey House even provides ‘teeth in a day’ where a fixed set of teeth can be placed in a few hours. This technique requires considerable planning before surgery. The case is planned in great depth with a 3D bone scan and models of the mouth. Depending on the case 4-6 dental implants can be placed and an immediate set of teeth fixed to them. In some situations, it is possible to remove a tooth and place an implant straight into the resulting socket. This technique is particularly useful for replacing teeth in the smile line. Then an immediate temporary crown can be fitted to the implant, negating the need to have a space or wear a temporary denture.

    Current studies show a 95% success rate for dental implants over 10 years in non-smokers with no untreated gum disease. The quality of your home care and willingness to attend regular review and maintenance visits will impact the long-term outcome. Implants, like teeth, will last well as long as they are kept clean.

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