Orthodontics; the dental speciality dealing with development of the teeth, jaws and face. A comprehensive orthodontic treatment service is provided by Jamie Gwilliam, Guernsey’s only resident registered specialist in orthodontics.  Natasha Flavell has experience with aligner orthodontic treatment.

Chertsey House - Orthodontics

Your consultation – both fixed, ‘Braces’ or aligner, ‘Invisible Braces’ orthodontics.

At your consultation your concerns and aims in relation to the position and shape of your teeth and jaws will be discussed with you. A detailed examination will be carried out and we will discuss with you your treatment options. We will also go through the details of these treatments and give you a verbal estimate of the costs involved. All orthodontic treatment requires records in the form of models of your teeth, photographs and x-rays.

Using all this information either Jamie or Natasha will make your treatment plan and write to you outlining your orthodontic situation and treatment plan. It will also include a definitive quote and your payment options.

If you have any questions, please contact the practice team

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We are a general dental practice for the whole family. We provide everything from a check up, x-ray imaging and routine fillings to advanced treatments such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, crowns and implants.

Chertsey House


Our practice is conveniently situated on Les Cornus, the main road out of St Martins shortly after the traffic lights on the way to the airport. We have ample on site parking both at the front and back of Chertsey House.

Chertsey House - Fees


We always provide written treatment plans and estimates for new patients and after that verbal estimates with written estimates on request. Here are some of our most commonly requested fees as a guide.

Chertsey House Denplan


We are pleased to offer you Denplan Essentials, an alternative way of paying for your dental care and maintaining good oral health.