With modern advances in dentistry, orthodontics, or straightening your teeth, can be done with nearly invisible aligners. These can improve just minor irregularities in the alignment of your teeth to more severe cases too.

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We have two clinicians who treat with dental aligners. Natasha Flavell treats many adult cases with invisible aligner systems and has many years’ experience with these systems. Jamie Gwilliam is a registered specialist orthodontist and provides both invisible aligners, Invisalign, and fixed braces orthodontics to move your teeth. Jamie has years of orthodontic experience in London teaching hospitals and London private practice.

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We are a general dental practice for the whole family. We provide everything from a check up, x-ray imaging and routine fillings to advanced treatments such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, crowns and implants.

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Our practice is conveniently situated on Les Cornus, the main road out of St Martins shortly after the traffic lights on the way to the airport. We have ample on site parking both at the front and back of Chertsey House.

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We always provide written treatment plans and estimates for new patients and after that verbal estimates with written estimates on request. Here are some of our most commonly requested fees as a guide.

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We are pleased to offer you Denplan Essentials, an alternative way of paying for your dental care and maintaining good oral health.